What is Eazfuscator.NET?

Eazfuscator.NET is industrial grade obfuscator for .NET platform.

The obfuscation provided by Eazfuscator.NET protects intellectual property ingrained in software, increasing commercial profitability and allowing to keep the advantage over the competition.

Why is it good?

Eazfuscator.NET is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. It protects your code, without breaking it — even in most complex cases — we have taken care of it. You can consider Eazfuscator.NET as a good partner who helps you a lot, and still doesn't bother you with any of his problems. If you have some really special protection requirements, pay attention to our code virtualization feature.
  2. It really is easy to use: once protect your Visual Studio project with the Eazfuscator.NET, then forget about it. Every time you build your project in Release configuration, the assembly gets obfuscated automatically — you can release your code to the wilderness.
  3. Need some settings to be changed? Are you sure? Then, do what you love: edit your code. Eazfuscator.NET is fully configurable by using .NET obfuscation attributes — in contrast to using alien-looking and unstable configuration files and UI wizards. All you need to know is in our complete product documentation.

What does the obfuscation look like?

  1. Protect your project once:

    Drag'n'dropping a Visual Studio project to Eazfuscator.NET Assistant
  2. Build Release configuration of your project:

    Visual Studio output window after successful obfuscation
  3. Enjoy your safety:

    The decompiled code of obfuscated application

Now every time you build your project in Release configuration it gets obfuscated. Instantly. You don't even have to think about it anymore. Not only that. Your code gets faster.

What's next?

Please read more about our Features, or just Try It right now!


This is what folks say after experiencing Eazfuscator.NET's distortion field:

There is only one answer, Eazfuscator.NET.
@peter-mortensen via Stack Overflow
Personally I think it's one of the easiest, cheapest, trustworthy app that I can count on, not only that but they regularly update it.
@MadApples via Stack Overflow
This is Eazfuscator: yesterday I asked if I could use code virtualization with Unity3d builds, today they inboxed me a new version with it.
@sebify via Twitter
Your work inspires me to sing! Easiest tool I've ever used. Love it.
Anonymous via Blogspot
Your obfuscator is a brilliant product!
@yallie via Blogspot
I think your product is one of the best obfuscators around. The first time when I looked for an obfuscator I left your web page without trying it. How wrong I was!
Zsolt via Email
Awesome. Congratulations and thanks for this more than useful tool! Keep up the epic work.
@Thiago via Blogspot
Incredible application, the best obfuscator out there! Thanks a lot!
@FrChris via Blogspot